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Aliya Dattu

I've loved cars since I was a Kid! When I got my first car (IG @Rhino_66) all I could think about was how clean I wanted it to be. I became obsessed! It soon become my passion to help others as well! I decided to start Master Class Auto on my driveway in August of 2019... and here I am! It is truly a dream coming to life!


Cam Sanchez

Being able to turn a passion into a business is a blessing. From playing with toy cars to detailing high end cars. It's been a journey I can't complain about. I get to feed my OCD for perfection everyday with the cars we detail. Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.


Eric Tran

I became a detailer because I've always had an interest in cars. a desire to build a business, and an eye for detail. Combining these and running a business out of it was an opportunity that I couldn't miss.

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